• Let Real Life Influence the Shoot

    I used to joke with my colleagues when I was a photojournalist, "How can you already know what the story is about when you haven't even started reporting on it?"  The angle of the story almost always changed once we got out into the field to interview and observe the story.  I apply the same approach to my commercial career.  

    Whenever I work with a client I make every effort to do some scouting before the shoot happens.  That way I can let what's happening in real life help guide the shoot.  Through observing the nature of the subject matter I can more offer a distinct approach to the shoot.  

    For my shoot at the newly remodeled Schroeder's in SF it was crucial to get a great hero shot of beer since it's been known as a beer hall for the past 120 years.  When I showed up for scouting I took my usual look at some of the dishes we would be shooting and also decided to observe the after-work happy hour crowd as they drank beers.  I immediately noticed the different sizes of beer glasses and the staggered nature of the beers lined up on their communal table (see last picture in series below). It was the inspiration for my beer shot (see first picture below).  

  • Options, Options, Options...

    I had the pleasure of shooting 4 different assignments for 7x7 magazine for June's "Best Of" issue. I thought I would share how I shot the "Best of Drink" shot for a story about the different bars who are adding colored ice cubes to their cocktails. We decided to stack cubes made of Campari, spiced wine, and strawberry juice from restaurants 1760The Coachman, and The Orbit Room.  

    Each cube we placed into the glass had a slightly different shape, texture, and reflection so it was like starting from scratch each time. Not only that, but the cubes started melting within 30 seconds of being placed.  After the 10th try we had some nice options. But, was that the mood we were looking for? After we took a break from looking at the image for a day would we change our mind on whether we liked the mood? Whether or not we would, I decided it would be good to try other options. So I chose to photograph each cube individually placed into the glass without touching the glass. That way I could composite each cube into the glass without the messiness we were getting. In the end, the slighty more messy shot ended up on the page, but I was glad to have tried the other option.  You never know what's going to work better until you try it.

    Here are links to the other stories I worked on:  - "Buzzed" on Sparkling Wine from Tosca Cafe, Bar Tartine, and Biondivino - "Secret Recipe" story on Beretta's Negroni - "Eat & Drink" on Terra Cotta Warrior's Qishan noodles.

  • How Casual?

    Poor me, I've been photographing a lot of wine, beer, and cocktails over the past couple of months.  Wait until you see the June issue of 7x7 magazine.  I shot four features for it, three of which were beverage related.  Or see my Facebook page where I share a drink image I did on the cover of Where magazine for the month of May.

    For May's 7x7 magazine I had the pleasure of photographing ICHI Sushi and NI Bar's ICHIBIER, which was specially made for them by Almanac Beer Co.  We wanted to juxtapose some skewers from their new izakaya concept with the beer while also including ICHI's 'how to eat sushi' mural in the background.  

    The main question asked was how casual we wanted the shot to be.  Did we want some beer dripping down the side of the glass?  No, too messy.  Did we want drips of beer and a beer stain ring on the table?  Yes, that works!  All the glasses full?  No, that’s too formal.  And after tinkering for a little while we came up with our main image as seen in the tearsheet down below.  There was a little time left so I kept experimenting and shifted my perspective so the beer was backlit by the natural window light and that's how we ended up with our image for the Table of Contents (vertical seen below).  Believe it or not I was sober the whole time!

  • APA Demo

    I had the opportunity to speak as part of the American Photographic Artists Creative Professionals series.  The presentation was a food photography demo titled Collaborating with Stylists held at The Producer's Loft in SF.  I teamed up with food stylist Abby Stolfo and prop stylist James Whitney to plan a shoot and then discuss the production process with the audience.  I talked about the importance of having inspiration for shoots and how that can help drive the content.  

    The first inspiration for the shot we created originated from a beautiful table built by woodworker, Aleksandra Zee.  I often like to use graphic elements in my shots and Aleksandra's table provided just that.  We then decided to fill the table with some inspiring and tasty brunch items including bacon, bruleed citrus, quiche with asparagus, coffee cake, and oysters with coffee and cocktails.  

    The stylists and I also discussed how we decided on a lot of the details for the table.   We went with ceramic, stone, and metal as our plate and platter surfaces to contrast with the wood table.  We also spent some time talking about how to arrange food and props to make for a balanced flow of elements.  All and all many topics came up including how to find food stylists to partner with and managing food and prop costs.  

    Thanks to the many volunteers who helped make the event happen!

  • New Website, New Work

    I'm excited to share with you my new website along with the many new images on it.  The past year was quite busy and I had a lot of images I needed to narrow down.  I turned to creative consultant Bobbi Wendt to help with that.   She has been in the business for over 30 years and gave me a fresh look at my work.  For instance, take a look at the Overview gallery where there is a much more fluid connection between the colors in each image.  

    Unexpectedly this process also gave me a reminder of how great it is to do what I do.  I feel so lucky to be photographing all of this healthy food and lifestyle imagery.  When it comes down to it my mission is to promote health and well-being.  When I look at my site, it's oozing with it.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Below is a shot from a recent personal shoot I did.  Enjoy.