• Dominique Crenn for FSR Magazine & Marin Mag June Issue

    How cool is it that I get to watch the World's Best Female Chef rock out to music in front of my camera?! When I got the call from FSR Magazine to photograph Chef Dominique Crenn for the May 2017 cover story I was so ecstatic.  Although I had photographed her twice before I still get excited each time.  Knowing I would not have much time with her I immediately began researching ways to do the portrait and illustrate the story.  I requested to take a look at the story and noticed the writer had mentioned the importance of local farmers and produce.  I scouted her restaurant, Petit Crenn, and discovered a really nice board they use to put food on.  "I'll have her hold it with a bunch of produce on it," I thought.  So the day comes for the shoot and I present my idea to Crenn and she says, "Absolutely not."  Can't say I didn't try, but she made up for it by having so much fun on set and we mixed up the shots between being fun and a little more serious.  By coming to the table with ideas and being open to them being changed it made for a fun little adventure.  

    Besides the work for FSR please take a look at the work I did for the June issue of Marin Magazine.  Really good story titled "Recipe for Success", interviewing a number of Marin restaurants on what it takes to stay in business for more than a few years.  The answer was that it's a whole lot more than just good food.  I photographed three long-time restaurants in a photojournalistic style.