• SFO Airport Campaign

    How do you pull off six locations in a day in different terminals of one of the busiest airports in the world?  It takes preparation, patience, (especially going through security), quick decision making, and a little bit of luck.

    I was hired by the agency Fuseideas for a campaign to promote shopping and eating at SFO Airport.  It was a nice feeling to be able to photograph wherever we wanted inside the terminal areas.  Most photo shoots not associated with the airport aren't allowed to go past security, but we were given free reign since we were working with the airport directly.  However, that didn't mean we were immune to the rigors of getting through security.  Since we had a number of crew and gear with us, it took an hour and a half to make it through.  But, thankfully scouting the location twice helped make sure we were as efficient as possible.  

    We did 6 setups, but we did a vertical and a horizontal for each set up, so it was 12 final images total.  Image usage included electronic displays, signage throughout the airport, and SFO website.  We were working with a number of different aspect ratios so we adjusted the shots accordingly.  

    Prop Stylist:  Thea Chalmers
    Food Stylist:  Karen Shinto
    Digital Tech: Weber Shih
    Assistant: Garry Belinsky