• New Website, New Work

    I'm excited to share with you my new website along with the many new images on it.  The past year was quite busy and I had a lot of images I needed to narrow down.  I turned to creative consultant Bobbi Wendt to help with that.   She has been in the business for over 30 years and gave me a fresh look at my work.  For instance, take a look at the Overview gallery where there is a much more fluid connection between the colors in each image.  

    Unexpectedly this process also gave me a reminder of how great it is to do what I do.  I feel so lucky to be photographing all of this healthy food and lifestyle imagery.  When it comes down to it my mission is to promote health and well-being.  When I look at my site, it's oozing with it.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Below is a shot from a recent personal shoot I did.  Enjoy.

  • Cheers to Present and Future

    What more better way than to end the year shooting cocktails at two great SF bars, Hi-Lo Club and Brass Tacks.  Loved how the lighting, propping and colors came together.  May you all have a great New Year and live life to its fullest because life is make the most of it!!

  • The Restaurant at Wente Vineyards

    Wente Vineyards is a place I have known for quite a while.  It's close to the little town I grew up in and my first job at the age of 16 was as a busboy at a restaurant in a neighboring city.  I then went on to photograph Wente a number of times when as a photojournalist.  Well, now here we are again, this time I was shooting for the website redesign (still in the works) for The Restaurant at Wente Vineyards. 

    During my scouting day I stumbled upon the salumi hanging in the refrigerator.  I immediately knew I had to do something with it and expressed my enthusiasm with Chef Matt Greco.  He was open to it and then had the idea to use one of the large wine barrels as a backdrop.  We had two people (not shown of course) hold up the meat using the hangers along with the nice sunlight streaming in and a 1.4 aperture made for a great shot.  That's one of the great parts about my job is when my clients have a willingness to try different things it sets the stage for creativity and great imagery. 

    Models: Ruby Lopez, Nina Jordan, Patrick Devin, Dominique Jackson, Carl Marino, and Juan Garcia


  • Cocktails! And More In Portland

    Oh, Portland you sure have impressed me.  I recently had the pleasure of photographing two restaurants in Portland for Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants.  Shown below is Red Star and I will follow up later with Pazzo.

    Red Star has one of the biggest whiskey collections in town, and like a magician bartender Brandon Lockman brings a wealth of enthusiasm to what he does.  We used a number of backlit scenarios to bring out the action of cocktail-making. We also worked with 4 top-notch local models on the shoot and Executive Chef Kyle Rourke to round out the needs of marketing and pr.  Enjoy!

    Assistant:  Michelle Pearl Gee

    Models:  Michelle Lummus, Nola Mandels, Tyler Andre, and Jeremy Abe

  • Hog & Rocks - New Look

    I recently had the privilege of working with Hog and Rocks' new Chef, Robin Song. Last month Chef Song was named a Rising Star Chef by the Chronicle as a result of his success redefining Hog & Rocks' menu.  It's not surprising considering he has restaurants such as Plum, Adesso, Contigo, and Ame under his belt.

    The restaurant asked me to do a refresh of its imagery to go along with Song's style and update shots of cocktails from Bar Manager Michael Lazar.  I used a mixture of available light and strobes to ensure that all of the dishes and drinks looked their best.  Can you tell which images I used strobes with?