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  • Setting Up For Success

    It may come as no surprise to know photography jobs take a ton of preparation.  It takes a great producer who knows the subject matter and all the right people to help get access to all the places we want to shoot. For one of my latest jobs I relied on producer Amy Silberman to help get it all done and make sure everything ran smoothly.  You'd be surprised at how many contacts Amy has around San Francisco and how much she knows about every little detail relating to pulling permits and renting spaces.  We were working with Lennar homes for their new San Francisco Shipyard project and the needs of the shoot included showing potential residents of this community living life: working, shopping, relaxing at home, etc.  Take a look at some of what we came up with and scroll down to the end where you can see some of the crew celebrating outside of our RV in the Mission District on the last day.  Also, here is a list of some of the things we juggled to make it all happen on this 3 day shoot in 10 locations around San Francisco:
    - Chartered a boat to show people commuting to downtown SF.
    - Rent a number of spaces; a restaurant, a workspace, a retail store, Tartine Manufactory.
    - Permits for photography on SF city streets.
    - Permit to photograph on the Muni platform.
    - Permit for Port Authority open space for outdoor shots.  
    - Permits and signs for parking an RV all around San Francisco.
    - Wardrobe, Prop, and Hair and Makeup.
    - Plan B in case it rained.
    - Manage 8 models and their schedules/wardrobe.
    - Catering and RV
    - Budgets, Call Sheets, and Crew Book
    Producer: Amy Silberman
    Prop and Wardrobe:  Lisa Moir, Deborah Dapolito
    Makeup and Hair: Veronica Sjoen
    Models:  Blackwell Files
    Photo Agent:  Freda Scott