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  • Mixt - Staying True to Brand

    I love working with healthy food clients so I was very excited to get the call from Mixt, a fast casual restaurant with 11 locations in San Francisco and LA.  They were planning their Spring Season menu and looking to photograph the different signature salads dreamed up by their Culinary Director, Jeffrey Amber.

    I'd like to talk about how I as a contractor help a business stay true to their brand image.  When working with a business for the first time I make sure to work closely with the marketing and creative departments to understand the story of the brand.  I will ask if there are any guidelines I can study and get to know.  Mixt has a clean and contemporary look and it's important to be aware of that going into the shoot.  We made sure not to spill too many of the ingredients on the surfaces so things didn't look too messy.  For lighting, we wanted things to stay light and airy and make sure we didn't have too much heavy shadows.  We were originally going to shoot with natural light, but decided to go with strobes to make sure things stayed consistent.  Color-wise, greens and reds were true signs of Spring with some subtle pinks added in by Mixt Art Director Jose Quinteros.  Jose also played the role of prop stylist and made sure props had a more modern feel to them vs. being too rustic.   All in all, the brand info helped give our team a solid framework to produce consistent, compelling imagery. 

    Hope you're enjoying your first week of Spring and eating plenty of healthy salads!