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  • Vivino - In Studio and On Location

    I have always been known as someone who does both Food and Lifestyle on location and in studio.  If you need me to shoot food and beverage by itself, I can do that.  If you want to put food into the context of how people live their lives, I can do that too.  However, those are two specialties that require two different sets of knowledge.  I have to know how light interacts with food and liquid while also knowing how to create nice shadows on people's faces.  It means I have to stay up on hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling while also being in the know about food and prop styling.  I also need to be able to work with lighting in the studio while also being nimble enough to shoot on location.  I love doing it all!

    For a recent shoot with the well-known wine app, Vivino, we shot both people and food at my studio and on location.  For Day 1 we worked with a hand model shooting the app.  On Day 2 we moved to a wine bar in San Francisco where we photographed Founder Heini Zachariassen and CEO Chris Tsakalakis.  On a shoot like this I make sure to hire a first assistant and digital tech who are well versed at studio lighting with products and with photographing people on location.  Take a look below!